Home School Support Program

The UFCA Home School Partner Program is designed to provide academic opportunities for home school middle and high school age students.

Students can enroll in one to three courses each school year (as available).

A minimum of three classes must be taken to participate in Middle School and High School Fine Arts programs and electives.

A minimum of three classes must be taken to be eligible for Middle School Athletics.

Due to conference regulations, students enrolled in the High School Home School Program are not eligible to participate in UFCA HS Athletics.

  1. Complete the UFCA New Student Enrollment Application
  2.  Submit the forms to the UFCA Admissions Office. Forms may be submitted by email to admissions@ufca.org.
  3. Provide a copy of the most recent standardized testing for each student applying for the program. Depending on UFCA assessment of the standardized testing, we may require additional testing through ABC Testing Services.
  4. Student and parent(s) will be scheduled to meet the Admissions Director and/or Guidance Counselor to determine class selection and placement.
  5. Official letter of acceptance or decline of enrollment will be provided within two weeks of completed application.

Application Fee $150 per student

New Family Fee $500 fee is waived for Home School Families; will be required if student matriculates to full-time UFCA Program

Tuition Costs $1,400 per class