Middle School

UFCA’s middle school produces students who are equipped with the academic, social and spiritual tools needed to navigate the transition from lower school to high school.

English Language Arts

Communication is a gift to be explored and cultivated. Through the intentional study of grammar, composition, and vocabulary our middle school students develop the framework on which to hang their thoughts. Students are exposed to novels with relevant topics and given  the opportunity to digest a variety of short stories and poems. By allowing the liberty to create original works both independently and collaboratively, we produce confident communicators who are ready to  articulate their faith and to impact their world with their words.

Brenda Andrus
Middle School English


Falcon since 2014

Karen Noel

Middle School Lead
Middle School Math


Falcon Since 2011


The  Math curriculum at UFCA seeks to glorify God for his created order. Our middle school courses  develop thinking and reasoning skills by providing knowledge of varied mathematical concepts including number systems, operations, equations, and functions. Students not only develop deductive reasoning skills and accuracy in computation; they journey with our instructors  as they bring mathematics to life.


Science courses at UFCA serve to illuminate the scholar’s knowledge of the natural world and the laws which govern it. Students survey the elements and their interactions, identify and analyze the composition of matter, and  investigate living organisms while exploring relevant careers. Through STEM initiatives and cross-curricular experiences they  develop an appreciation for the design of God’s creation and their role in sustaining life on our planet. 

Rebecca Meng
Middle School Science


Falcon since 2018

Stephen Hoff

Middle School Social Studies, AP Human Geography


Falcon Since 2020

Social Studies

United Faith students are global citizens. Our Social Studies courses are designed to explore ancient through modern history in light of a biblical worldview. Students are challenged to analyze their personal role in history, government, economics, and geographical concerns relevant to their world with a strong emphasis being placed on citizenship and patriotism.  


For fall semester 2021 all students will participate in an electives wheel with 6 weeks of culinary, art, music fusion and Lego Robotics respectively.