Arts & Athletics


Fine Arts

The Fine Arts program at UFCA provides students the opportunity to develop God-given talents in the visual and performing arts and opportunities to use their talents to inspire others to appreciate God’s creation.The fine arts program emphasizes critical thinking, cooperative learning, problem solving and expressions of imagination.

We offer all three portfolios: Drawing, 2D, and 3D.

The No Drama Theatre Company

The No Drama Theatre Company (NDTC) is a fun and exciting opportunity for MS and HS students to explore their interests in all areas of theatrical production. All students will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of theatre, staging and “behind the scenes” roles for production.

Praise Band

Our Praise Band members are very talented!

The 2014-2015 school year, the members released a CD!

You can purchase your copy in the Academy Office for $5 or you can buy it at Amazon and Spotify.


Josh Coley
Athletic Director

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to allow athletics to serve as a unique educational tool to glorify God; while developing Christ-honoring qualities, we equip student-athletes intellectually, physically, socially, and spiritually in Christ.

Should you be a Christ-honoring man or woman led to mentor and Coach student-athletes in a sport of your passion, please see the list of available employment opportunities and contact Athletic Director,, with your resume and letter of interest.  Thank you for your interest.

Employment Opportunities:

There are no Coaching opportunities at this time.  Thank you for your interest.

Sports Calendar:

See below step by step details on how to register for the Sports Calendar.

  1.     Register with DynaCal through the UFCA Athletics Sports Calendar Link.
  2.     Once registered, families will click on MyDynacal and Sign In.
  3.     Once signed in parents can update their information, and then UPDATE their calendar views.
  4.     Parents will need to add a new calendar, select what they would like to see, and click save. 
  5.     Then select Email and/ or Text alerts.
  6.     Use the preferences box to select what actions will result in a message.