The Fine Arts program at UFCA provides students the opportunity to develop God-given talents in the visual and performing arts and opportunities to use their talents to inspire others to appreciate God’s creation.  God is creative and artistic creation helps us understand ourselves as His image bearers.
In addition to learning to use their creativity, students will also receive instruction in visual and performance literacy.  The arts are an area of study that encourages students to utilize a variety of learning styles.  The fine arts program emphasizes critical thinking, cooperative learning, problem solving and expressions of imagination.  Our fine arts program includes competition and performances in a variety of venues.
AP Art Studio is available for Seniors who want to earn college credit in the visual arts.  We offer all three portfolios: Drawing, 2D, and 3D.  Seniors who have submitted their portfolio for review have received 3s on their portfolio.

The No Drama Theatre Company

The No Drama Theatre Company (NDTC) is a fun and exciting opportunity for MS and HS students to explore their interests in all areas of theatrical production. Each year we launch 2 full productions; HS in the fall and MS in the spring.​ The NDTC is a class where the fundamentals of theatre and staging are learned during the production preparation time. No previous experience or training is necessary. Other aspects of production are also offered for those who may be interested in “behind the scenes”. These include: stage manager, lighting, sound, construction/scenery, props and stage

Praise Band

The Praise Band at UFCA released a CD!  It features 5 songs written and performed by The Praise Band members from the 2014- 2015 school year.  You can purchase your copy in the Academy Office for $5 or you can buy it at Amazon and Spotify.