Lower School

Jodi Ebert



Falcon since 2012

Jeni Hase



Falcon since 2018

Kindergarten at United Faith focuses on developing skills needed to enter first grade. Through daily learning activities students are introduced to social studies, handwriting, science, reading and math presented in a biblically-based curriculum. Special emphasis is placed on phonemic awareness, vocabulary building, reading strategies and project-based learning. 

Reese Childs

1st Grade


Falcon since 2018

Our Lower Elementary school prepares students for a life-long journey of learning through the teaching  of phonics, reading, and handwriting. Conceptual and foundational mathematics skills are honed through the use of manipulatives, songs and games. Students begin to see their place as citizens in the kingdom of God as well as the city, country and world in which they live through the teaching of social studies. Science instruction focuses on the order and design of the universe, emphasizing the uniqueness of plants, animals and people through project-based learning. Art, music, foreign language, library, coding and robotics are a part of the weekly enrichment program.

Karin Rozelle

2nd Grade


Falcon since 2018

Shannon Chapa

3rd Grade


Falcon Since 2020

Samantha Howell

Fourth Grade


Falcon Since 2020

Nicole Forness

Lower School Lead/5th Grade


Falcon since 2014

Our 3rd-5th grade program builds on the foundation set  in Lower Elementary while striving to expand the curiosity and skill of our learners in all content areas. Students learn to glorify God for his created order as seen through science and mathematics, making sense of problems and solving them using models and strategic tools to reason abstractly and quantitatively. Students develop speed and accuracy in computation, and use their knowledge to solve real-world problems. In language arts students  appreciate language as a gift from God while developing the correct use of grammar in written and oral communication. They create a variety of compositions with the goal of demonstrating clear and effective writing skills. Our teachers cultivate a love of reading through the analysis of poetry and prose which challenge the students to use critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills while examining a text. Emphasis is placed on developing leaders who know their value and serve others from the heart. Art, music, foreign language, library, coding and robotics are a part of the weekly enrichment program.