Parking Lot Procedure

We would like to remind all parents of our drop-off and pick-up procedures. Please take the time to go over the attached excerpt from the handbook.

Also, we apologize for the days we do not have an officer on duty out front. Those days usually coincide with something happening in Charlotte where more officers are needed, and the needs of the city outweigh those of the school. We never know until the day of the incident. We are looking into alternatives, but for now we ask for your patience.

Here are some other “rules” to keep in mind: 1) the safety of the children should always come first!  2) the park and escort lot should be used to park and escort!  3) cars should not cut across areas designated for parking nor park in the lanes designated for the flow of traffic!  4) when exiting the parking lot, please be considerate of parents trying to turn in to the parking lot!

From the Handbook …

Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures


Before School Care – 7:00 am to 7:35 am

    • Parents dropping off their child for BSC should proceed to the back of the gymnasium for drop-off.
    • Students will enter the gym for supervised care through the rear door.
    • No traffic personnel are in place during this time.

Morning Drop Off Procedure – 7:35 am to 7:55 am

    • ENTER the UFCA parking lot through the (north) ENTRANCE only
    • Please do not enter through the Exit at any time.
    • Watch for faculty vehicles which are parking along the north wall of the campus.
    • Once the regular morning drop-off begins at 7:35 am, no students may be dropped off at the rear of the building.
    • Once carpool is closed, students must be accompanied to the office by a parent/guardian.
    • Parents dropping off students (Lower or Upper School) should use the LEFT lane to circle the buildings for drop-off, which is located under the front portico.
      • Watch for traffic personnel’s instructions as to when to move forward.
      • Please be alert and prepared to move as directed.
      • All students should enter/exit only on the passenger side of the vehicle.
      • Students should have all belongings ready to go (book bag, lunch, lunch money, field trip forms, papers requiring a signature, band instruments, etc.).
    • Licensed Student Drivers with UFCA Parking Permits should take an immediate RIGHT to the Student Parking Section and park in assigned spot only.
      • Student drivers with Lower School siblings should escort them across the parking lots to the designated area in the school building.
    • Parents who wish to park and walk their child into school should turn in to the Park & Escort lot located immediately in front of the main Academy building, park and proceed into the building.

Campus Drop Off — Special Notes

  • All vehicles will EXIT the UFCA parking lot through the (south) EXIT only


  • Please do not exit through the Entrance at any time!


  • Campus speed limit is 5 mph – please observe at all times.
  • Student drivers who consistently exceed this speed limit are at risk of losing their driving/parking privileges on campus.
  • Please be considerate and refrain from cell phone use and prolonged conversations with your child and/or the traffic personnel as this holds up the line.
  • The Drop-Off line will normally close at 7:55 am (unless traffic problems warrant an extension of the time).
    • Cones will be placed at the entrance of the drop-off lane at that time.
    • Once the lane is closed, parents should use the Park & Escort Lot.
      • Lower School students must be escorted to the office for check in.
      • Upper School students must check in at the Academy office.
  • If you circle the building for any reason, you must exit the parking lot, go out onto Providence Road, and re-enter the (north) entrance to the campus.

Afternoon Pick Up

Lower School Only (TK – 5th Grade — daily from 2:40 to 2:55 pm):

  • Parents/guardians will form a carpool line circling the building for afternoon pick-up which is located under the front portico.
  • Beginning at approximately 2:30 pm, all TK – 5th grade students will be escorted to the front pick-up location by classroom teachers or teachers’ aides.
  • Please prominently display your UFCA issued FAMILY NAME SIGN in your front window for traffic personnel to see and call for your child to be ready for pick-up under the portico.
  • Only parents or approved individuals (with Family Name sign displayed) may pick up a student (you must submit names to the Academy office prior to pick up using the form for afternoon pickup); all others will be referred to the office to show a valid picture ID for verification.
  • Walk-Ups – If you choose to pick up your child via “Walk-Up” – please park in the front parking lot (NOT student parking please) and use the sidewalk between the buildings to pick up your child at the side door of the church building.
    • You MUST have your family sign with you when you walk up to get your child.
    • You will be met by a faculty member who will then call for your child to come to you.
    • Walk-Ups may NOT pick up their child from the front portico area for safety reasons.
  • All students who are not picked up by 2:55 p.m. will be escorted to Falcon’s Nest.
    • Please not that associated fees will apply.

Upper School Only (6th – 12th Grade – daily from 2:50 to 3:05 pm):

  • At 2:50 pm, all 6th – 12th grade students will be dismissed through the front doors.
  • Upper School students WILL be picked up in the front parking lot only.
  • All Upper School students who are on campus after 3:05 pm will be directed to the After School Study Hall