Spiritual Life


United Faith Christian Academy offers all students the opportunity to know and accept Christ as Savior, to understand and live out their lives according to a Christian worldview, and to identify their unique talents and abilities so that they might use those gifts to impact the world for Christ.

We endeavor to fulfill this vision through the offering of a Christ-centered and Bible-based curriculum, a faculty who models authentically their own spiritual development in Christ, and the regular use of inspirational chapels, student mentoring groups, and meaningful service learning opportunities.


In the Elementary School, students learn about the important themes from each book in the Old and New Testament, memorize key Bible verses, and study the lives of significant biblical characters. Emphasis is placed on applying biblical truth in their everyday lives. Opportunity for worship is given in both the classroom and in the weekly chapel services.

In the Middle School, students will focus studying the books of the Bible and learn how to defend their faith.  In 6th and 7th grades we use Route 66 Curriculum.  The students in 6th grade will focus their study on the books of the Old Testament.  The students in 7th grade will focus their study on the books of the New Testament.  The students in 8th grade will begin to learn how to defend their Christian faith as they study the extensive evidence for Christ.

In the High School, we stress the importance of students “owning their faith” – knowing what and why they believe. In 9th and 10th grade, students will be provided an overview of the content and themes of both the Old and New Testament, with emphasis on the unifying theme of redemption and the relevance of God’s truth for contemporary life. In 11th grade, they will study how the Bible came into existence and why Christians believe in its reliability, authenticity, and authority. In 12th grade, a year-long look at the biblical Christian worldview is presented and then compared with the five prevalent worldviews of Islam, Cosmic Humanism (New Age), Secular Hum
anism, Marxism, and Postmodernism.

Beyond the curriculum, all Upper School students (Grades 6th–12th) are given ample opportunities to express their faith through weekly chapel services and community service projects.

Preparation For Life

The goal of the Spiritual Development Department is for every student to be transformed by his or her experience at United Faith Christian Academy. Our prayer is that all of our students have a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ and are adequately prepared to continue growing spiritually as they live out the rest of their lives beyond these walls.