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Welcome to United Faith Christian Academy, a Christ-centered, college preparatory school for students from PK-12th grade.

Our vision is to guide each child into a transformational encounter with Jesus Christ. At UFCA, we offer small classes, led by a dedicated faculty, and a comprehensive Biblical worldview curriculum.

Our holistic approach to education nurtures the heart, soul, mind, and body of every child through spiritual development, academic excellence, fine arts, and athletics.

Join us on this incredible journey of growth and enroll your child at United Faith Christian Academy today.

Fine Arts

The Fine Arts program offered at UFCA provides students with a unique opportunity to cultivate their innate artistic abilities in both the visual and performing arts.

Through this program, students not only have the chance to develop their talents, but also to inspire others in appreciating the magnificence of God's creation.

At UFCA, the Fine Arts program places a strong emphasis on fostering critical thinking, cooperative learning, problem-solving, and unleashing the boundless expressions of imagination. By incorporating these core elements into the curriculum, students are equipped with the necessary skills to excel in their artistic pursuits and thrive in a professional artistic environment.


At UFCA, we humbly express our deep gratitude to God for the abundant blessings of gifts and talents bestowed upon us.

We firmly believe that athletics, beyond serving as a means of instilling discipline and perseverance, play a fundamental role in shaping the character and future success of our esteemed student athletes.

Our unwavering commitment lies in fostering a championship environment that embodies a faith-based approach.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our invaluable student athletes with transformative experiences that will undeniably leave a lasting positive impact on their lives and propel them towards outstanding achievements in their future endeavors.


At UFCA, we are driven by the biblical view that placing others’ needs before ours is essential for fulfilling our purpose.

To live out our faith in Jesus Christ, we commit to scheduled days of service where making an impact on others is prioritized. This allows us to serve our wider community, promote well being, and preach the love of God in thoughtful deeds as well as kind words.

We hope that our decisions and purposes inspire strength and positivity in those both near us and overseas. Our hearts and actions go together: showing love towards God and serving Him through giving support to those around us who need it most.

Our goal is to invest in children's learning and development beyond academics so they have the skills necessary for success in their adult endeavors  and navigating the many leadership scenarios they will face in their lives.

Together, let us continue fostering an environment of servant leadership for lasting positive effects among all those who possess the potential for meaningful change and growth throughout UFCA for now and years to come.


Here at UFCA, we value a servant leadership approach – one inspired by Jesus' example and focused on growing current and future leaders. This includes our students, staff and parents alike – each of whom are essential for the continued success of our organization.

We want to not only teach Traditional academic topics, but show servant leadership modeling from all levels of UFCA staff members to reach out to our students. We believe that good leadership involves selfless service; it involves doing whatever is right for others first without reward or recognition. 


At UFCA, our mission is clear: to create a powerful learning environment for our students that nurtures in them not only the educational tools and mindset that they need to "succeed" in their academic pursuits, but also a deep appreciation for understanding their faith and living according to its principles.

We proudly strive to ensure that every graduate of ours stands solidly grounded on a biblical worldview and maintains continuously the faithfulness of diligently following in obedience to God's will. We equip our students with an excellent platform for applying foundational faith values as parameters and guidelines in forming opinions, making decisions, and taking action – confident that doing so would never contradict God's ultimate plan or purpose.