At UFCA, we humbly express our deep gratitude to God for the abundant blessings of gifts and talents bestowed upon us. We firmly believe that athletics, beyond serving as a means of instilling discipline and perseverance, play a fundamental role in shaping the character and future success of our esteemed student athletes. Our unwavering commitment lies in fostering a championship environment that embodies a faith-based approach. Our ultimate goal is to provide our invaluable student athletes with transformative experiences that will undeniably leave a lasting positive impact on their lives and propel them towards outstanding achievements in their future endeavors.

Be Part of a legacy of Champions...

Director Athletics 

Coach RJ Pridgeon

As the Athletic Director at UFCA, working in a Christian school setting, I have been presented with one of the most rewarding opportunities in my career. At UFCA, we have the privilege of impacting the holistic development of our student-athletes. While athletics serves as a vehicle for their growth, our ultimate objective extends beyond their achievements in college or on the field. At UFCA, we prioritize the spiritual journey of our student-athletes, emphasizing their relationship with Christ above all else.

Guiding Student-Athletes on the Path to Salvation
My  God-ordained responsibility as the Athletic director is to shepherd our student-athletes on their road to salvation. I firmly believe the pursuit of a relationship with Christ is paramount, transcending the significance of any athletic achievement, accolades, or championships. This approach is what we refer to as the #FaithWay.

Witnessing Transformative Experiences
Throughout my time with this program, I have witnessed remarkable transformations in the lives of our student-athletes. Not only have they achieved success through college scholarships, but they have also experienced deepened and stronger relationships with Christ. While our basketball and cross country state championships hold significance, they pale in comparison to the profound impact of nurturing and guiding our student-athletes towards eternal life.

The UFCA Athletics Program seeks to instill values, build character, and develop young individuals who are not only successful athletes but also committed followers of Christ. It’s an honor to serve as the Athletic Director at UFCA and contribute to the growth and spiritual development of our student-athletes.