Lower School

At UFCA our lower school team imparts invaluable knowledge and fosters lifelong learning through comprehensive instruction in phonics, reading, and handwriting. Our curriculum emphasizes conceptual and foundational mathematics skills, employing manipulatives, songs, and games to enhance students' understanding. Moreover, our social studies curriculum cultivates students' sense of global citizenship by instilling knowledge of their role as citizens in the kingdom of God, as well as in their city, country, and the world. Science instruction focuses on unveiling the order and design of the universe, with a particular emphasis on the uniqueness of plants, animals, and people through engaging project-based learning experiences. Additionally, the lower school team offers a well-rounded enrichment program that includes art, music, foreign language, library, coding, and robotics, enriching our students' educational journey on a weekly basis.

"I am confident the teachers at United Faith will help my granddaughters flourish as they develop a solid educational foundation and grow while learning more about Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ."

Cindy Santiago