Where Children Grow, Spiritually, Physically,

Intellectually, and Socially

Preschool Staff

We consider children a sacred trust and will strive for excellence in every area of our preschool program. Our staff members regularly complete courses and attend seminars relating to the latest trends in education. Our Director and Teachers meet weekly to to focus on educational plans, brainstorm ideas and create paths for professional development. In addition, we are always open and accessible to meeting and talking with parents. As an added bonus, each staff member is First Aid & CPR Certified.

Preschool Director

Christine LaFrancois


Kerrie Bridges Kerrie.Bridges@ufca.org

Preschool Teacher

Hanna Stickland Hannah.Strickland@ufca.org

Preschool Teacher

Hollie Bowling Hollie.Bowling@ufca.org

Preschool teacher

Cherish-Joy Eustaquio    Cherish-Joy.Eustaquio@ufca.org

Art & Music Teacher

Philosophy & Purpose

While children are in our care, they will experience a safe environment where God’s goodness is freely shared and His world which surrounds us is explored. It is the hope of our staff that children will feel safe, loved and secure as we provide opportunities for them to grow spiritually, emotionally, socially and intellectually. 

Our commitment to our parents is to equip our preschool with a staff who will not only teach children, but love and nurture them at the same time.  An age appropriate Christian curriculum, supplemented with preschool resources, will be used at each age level. Our goal is that students achieve kindergarten readiness  before entering kindergarten. 

We consider children a sacred trust and will strive for excellence in every area of our preschool program.

Each day will be filled with fun and creative activities for your child. Our center based curriculum will include, S.T.EA.M Activities, Stories & Lessons, Bible lessons, Age Appropriate Teaching, Music & Movement. Weekly enrichment classes including Spanish, Chapel, P.E., Library, Music, and Art. 

Explorers Program 

This program is designed to support the growth of your toddler's needs. Children begin focusing on fine motor skills, building, and sensory activities. At this age children will engage in independent play while exploring the world around them. We encourage free play; we believe the ability to play is critical not only to being happy, but also to sustaining social relationships and being a creative, innovative person. Our curriculum supports growth by facilitating learning in language skills, literacy and reading as teachers also support the children's social and emotional needs. 

Adventurers Program

In this program students work on developing a stronger attention span, independence, and cooperative group interactions - all while building early literacy and math skills. We continue to emphasize the important social skills needs for learning success such as self regulation, negotiating, problem solving, and being a super friend.We incorporate lessons with shapes, colors and tracing skills. We teach children to recognize and spell their first names, practice cutting with scissors, and recognizing numbers 1-15.

Navigators Program

 This program offers children the next step to preparing for kindergarten. Academic skills are embedded into daily activities that provide foundational knowledge in literacy, math and critical thinking. Along with educational advances your child will learn to work with others in a group setting. They will learn how to communicate and express their thoughts in an open learning environment, giving them the opportunity to start kindergarten successfully.

Programs & Fees

Explorers Program:

(Ages 2-3) Half Day Full Day

2 days/week (T-Th) $295 $395

3 days/week (M-W-F) $345 $445

5 days/week (M-F)   $445 $595      

Adventurers Program:

(Ages 3-4) Full Day

2 days/week (T-Th) $345

3 days/week (M-W-F) $445

5 days/week (M-F)   $595  

Navigators Program:

(Ages 4-5) Full Day

 5 days/week (M-F)   $595      

Enrollment Fees

New student: $250/student

(Application Fee $190+Supply fee $60)

Re-enrollment:   $225/student

(Application Fee $165 + Supply fee $60


Annual tuition may be paid in 1 payment or, via our convenient payment plan of 10 equal monthly payments. (Aug.-May).

Why Choose Us

Our Amazing Teachers:

UFCA Preschool teachers are out-of-this-world amazing! Our warm and caring staff is chosen for educational qualifications, experience and their ability to provide their students with fun and educational activities in a loving and safe environment. Come tour our classrooms and meet our amazing teachers today! We are confident your preschooler will love them.

Enrichment Classes:

Enrichment classes are essential in early development; they expose children to new experiences and reinforce a child’s ideas of appropriate independence and boundaries. Children learn through their experiences, repetitions and most importantly through observation. This is important because their brains and identities are rapidly developing at this age

The Curriculum:

Our center-based curriculum is designed to foster curiosity and cater to various skills which allow children to flourish. This also promotes independence and gives teachers the opportunity to challenge students who need more advanced work and help children who need more guidance.   

Continuity of Care: 

UFCA offers a small preschool setting that gives teachers the opportunity to provide personalized care. Our unique friendly, close-knit school offers children the support they need during social interactions, and models peaceful exchanges that promote the development of intimate relationships and build confidence. 

Multiage Classrooms:

The enhanced social and natural settings in multiage classrooms can help raise students' social and emotional skills. Furthermore, including students of different ages in one classroom creates a caring environment, as it encourages older students to serve as role models or mentors to help their younger peers.  

At United Faith Christian Preschool we are committed to:

  • Building the Best Foundation for your Child's Future
  • Your Child's Safety and Security
  • Delivering a High-Quality Educational Experience
  • Employing Kind, Loving, Professional Staff
  • Making Learning Fun!

 Program Hours

School begins in August and ends in May.

  • Half-day Session: 9:00am until 1:00pm
  • Full-day Session: 9:00am until 3:00pm

UFCA Preschool

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