Head of School

I am honored to serve as Head of School of United Faith Christian Academy. I couldn’t be more pleased to take a moment to encourage you to consider United Faith for your own family, especially as a long-standing member of the Falcon family myself!

The question we hear more than any other is, “How do I know if United Faith is right for me?” My answer is simply this – every student can learn to love God and love people more while concurrently being prepared to take their next step in life. That’s what we hope our families are looking for. And if you find yourself aligned with that philosophy, we believe United Faith may prove to be a wonderful home for your child as well.

I am constantly reminded that God has His hand on United Faith Christian Academy. He has preserved the school for such a time as this. And He has greater things in store for the future. He has provided an amazing team to serve Him at UFCA in Leadership, on the Board of Directors, and in the classrooms as faculty.

I hope you’ll choose to join us in what God is doing as you discover your own opportunity to make an impact.

Dr. Susan Blumenthal

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors at United Faith Christian Academy is committed to upholding the mission of the school by offering a Christ-centered education that encourages academic excellence, social growth, and spiritual development. As the governing body of UFCA, the Board assumes the responsibility of guiding and overseeing the long-term progression of the institution.

Each member of the Board is a dedicated volunteer who brings a diverse range of professional backgrounds and perspectives to their positions. Drawing upon their collective expertise, they aim to make informed decisions that align with the school's values and advance its overall vision.

In their commitment to honor God in all they do, the Board seeks guidance through constant prayer. They recognize the importance of seeking wisdom from above and allowing themselves to be guided by the Holy Spirit as they navigate various issues and challenges pertaining to UFCA.

Furthermore, the Board strives for unity among its members, acknowledging that a cohesive approach enhances their ability to effectively steer and support the school's growth. By fostering an environment where open dialogue and respectful discourse are encouraged, they ensure that different viewpoints are considered while maintaining a shared dedication to fulfilling UFCA's mission.

Through their unwavering dedication and commitment, the members of United Faith Christian Academy's Board of Directors play a vital role in ensuring students receive an education firmly rooted in Christian principles. By providing guidance, oversight, and spiritual leadership, they contribute significantly to shaping both the present and future success of UFCA

I love to serve with people that view their service as a calling by God. Many of our graduates have achieved greatness at the highest levels of the academic, entertainment, and sports worlds, impacting the nations for Christ! 

Markus Moore

Board Chairman

Serving God through the UFCA Board is a Holy Calling, a Ministry unto The Lord that deserves my best efforts and commitment.  Serving our Students, Families and faculty in this capacity has been a great joy for me over the years.

Victoria Council


I find great joy in collaborating with individuals who perceive their service as a divine calling. It brings me immense pleasure to contribute to the endeavor of equipping parents in raising their children, thus nurturing a generation devoted to God. 

Jeff Wade

Board Member

"As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, 

as good stewards of God's varied grace."

 1 Peter 4:10

Marie Adeniyi

Kevin Ligon
Advisory Board Member

Executive Leadership Team

Business Manager /  High School Lead

Adrienne Addison

Middle School Lead / English

Brenda Andrus

Director of Admissions

Mireidy Carthen

Lower School Lead / 1st Grade

Reese Childs

Director of College Guidance

Tamaira Early

Director of Preschool

Christine LaFrancois

Dean of Students / Director of Athletics

Renwick Pridgeon

Elective Lead / PE & Health 

Shena Pringle

Director of Spiritual Guidance

Louie Sorrentino

Dean of Faculty and Academics

Colleen Stoiano


Business Manager

Adrienne Addison

Front Desk / Sub Coordinator

Cheryl Belotte

Director of Admissions

Mireidy Carthen

Director of College Guidance

Tamaira Early

Director of Preschool

Christine LaFrancois

Dean of Students / Director of Athletics

Renwick Pridgeon

Dean of Faculty and Academics

Colleen Stoiano


Director of Preschool

Christine LaFrancois

Preschool 2's - 3's Teacher

Hollie Bowling

Preschool 4's Teacher

Kerrie Bridges

Preschool Art & Music

Cherish-Joy Eustaquio

Preschool 3's - 4's Teacher

Hannah Strickland


Lower School 

Lower School Lead / 1st Grade

Reese Childs

Lower School Music

Joanna Dendrolivanos

4th Grade

Carol Hoff

Lower School Music & Band

Pamela Hughes

2nd Grade

Samah Khodan

5th Grade

Rose Lille


Kiara Pride

Learning Support Specialist

Heather Russell

3rd Grade 

Jennifer Williams

Lower School Aide

Becky Wood

Middle School 

Middle School Lead / English

Brenda Andrus

Middle School Math

Charles Baker

Middle School Science

Rebecca Meng

Middle School Bible

Robert Romano

Learning Support Specialist

Heather Russell

Middle School History

James Watterson

High School 

High School Lead 

Adrienne Addison

High School Science

Paige Curtis-Campbell

High School English 9 / History

Michael Hill

High School Math

Pete Pickering

High School Bible

Robert Romano

Learning Support Specialist

Heather Russell

High School English 10th

Colleen Stoiano

High School English 11th / History

TyShaun Wynter

High School Math & Physics

Angela Yesuthason


Elective Lead/ PE & Health

Shena Pringle


Jerri Hemenover


Sgt. Patrecse Jeffcoat-Muldrow


Xiwen Li

Music Fusion

Raymond Patrick


Milena Quito


Sarah Robinson

Librarian /Computers / Yearbook

Kim Wolford

Facilities & Lunch Basket Cafe

Maintenance Manager

Pieter Bakkes

Lunch Basket Cafe

Danny Ziozios