Fine Arts

The Fine Arts program at UFCA offers an exceptional platform for students to cultivate their innate talents in both the visual and performing arts. Our program not only provides artistic development but also allows students to inspire others to appreciate the beauty of God's creation through their creative abilities.


With a focus on critical thinking, cooperative learning, problem-solving, and expressions of imagination, our  Arts program ensures a well-rounded education. UFCA proudly offers all three AP portfolios: Drawing, 2D, and 3D, providing students with comprehensive opportunities to explore and excel in their artistic pursuits.


The music department at UFCA provides students with a dynamic and comprehensive musical experience, propelling them towards excellence in various musical endeavors. Lower School classes cultivate rhythmic understanding, movement, melodic exploration, and performance skills, delving into a wide range of instruments, including recorders and ukuleles.

Besides music electives, Upper School students have the opportunity to participate in UFCA Rocks or join the Worship Team.

The music department at UFCA plays a vital role in fostering a holistic musical education, equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the world of music.


The Culinary Department at UFCA plays a pivotal role in equipping students with valuable life skills in cooking and budgeting. As part of their education, students have the opportunity to showcase their culinary talents during the annual Fine Arts Festivals, where they offer the items they have skillfully crafted for sale. This dynamic department not only imparts practical knowledge but also nurtures the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of our students.


UFCA stands alone as the sole private school in Charlotte to provide CJROTC, demonstrating its commitment to an exceptional educational experience. Rooted in Christian values, our students cultivate a spirit of service and learn to prioritize the needs of others.

While many CJROTC students may not pursue a military career, they can still benefit from valuable scholarships and grants. The comprehensive CJROTC curriculum equips students with essential life skills that are applicable to any profession, fostering personal growth and success.

With a perfect blend of engaging classroom instruction and meaningful community service opportunities, CJROTC at UFCA offers a well-rounded experience. Our students actively participate in extracurricular activities, enjoy vibrant social events, and can even earn esteemed leadership positions. Discover the powerful influence and numerous benefits of the CJROTC program at UFCA.

The No Drama Theatre Club

The No Drama Theatre Company (NDTC) at UFCA provides a dynamic and engaging platform for middle school and high school students to delve into their passion for all aspects of theatrical production. Through NDTC, students develop a comprehensive understanding of theater, including proficiency in stagecraft, behind-the-scenes operations, and performance. This extraordinary opportunity allows students to nurture their talents and explore the various facets of the theater industry under the guidance of experienced professionals.